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— 推荐产品—

Machine tool spindle special balancing machine

5kg car scroll special balancing machine

500k lathe spindle special balancing machine

5kg car flange special balancing machine

SDM-811 Field Balancer-1

16kg axial flow blade balancing machine

0.5/1.6kg soft bearing balance machine

1.6kg carding roller special balancing machine

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Create a well-known national brand in China

Recruitment notice


Because of the company's development needs, we are now recruiting talents for the society.

Development history


Established on October 19, 2015 at 8787 Hutai Road, Baoshan District, Shanghai

Company profile


Focusing on the development and research of dynamic balancing machine, each dynamic balancing machine can be customized for you.



The company has obtained various certificates issued by the state in the manufacturing industry of dynamic balancing machines.


— 关于申岢—

Shanghai Shenda Dynamic Balancing Machine Manufacturing Co., Ltd., with registered capital of 5 million, has 36 years of experience in the production and development of dynamic balancing machines, focusing on the development and research of dynamic balancing machines. Each dynamic balancing machine can be customized for you. Products are widely used in emerging energy, aerospace, automotive manufacturing, high-speed rail, mechanical processing, light industry textile, plate printing and other fields. User's demand is our eternal pursuit. Design sophisticated, technologically advanced micro-computer measurement device to multiply your efficiency. We take diligence as the criterion and quality as the letter to provide you with comprehensive and thoughtful service, so that you can start everything from demand and finally be satisfied.


Free training


After receiving the commissioning notification from the user, we will arrange the after-sales engineer to debug at the user's office as soon as possible to relieve you of the concerns of balance and dynamic balance.




— 服务优势—

Provide home delivery service


When you purchase dynamic balance service, you can call our dynamic balance service hotline: 021-56560393 to help you solve the difficulties. We provide free technical support, professional logistics company delivery door-to-door!


                                                After-sale warranty


                                                            We will provide you with high quality after-sales

                                                        service. After the installation and commissioning of the machine, we will make a visit every two months to understand the use of the machine. After receiving the user's repair report, no reservation is needed. 24 hours in the city and 72 hours in other provinces (except non-working days). We guarantee that after-sales service personnel will arrive at the site quickly, and the machine will be repaired to normal condition. If the service is not in place or without the user's signature permission, the staff will not evacuate the site.



 Comply with quality regulations, implement quality responsibility, contract and credit, and provide users with "three guarantees" (guarantee to provide high quality products, ensure to provide adequate accessories, guarantee to provide good technical services). Product implementation "three guarantees" (guaranteed repair, replacement, refund).


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