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Company profile

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        Shanghai Shenyi Dynamic Balancing Machine Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has a registered capital of 5 million and has 36 years of experience in R&D of dynamic balancing machines. It focuses on the development and research of dynamic balancing machines. Each dynamic balancing machine can be customized for you. The products are widely used in emerging energy, aerospace, automobile manufacturing, high-speed rail, machining, light industrial textile, plate printing and other fields.
        The needs of users are our eternal pursuit. A well-designed, technologically advanced microcomputer measuring device doubles your efficiency. We take the responsibility as the standard and the quality as the letter, to provide you with comprehensive and thoughtful service, so that you start from the demand and finally satisfied.
Shen Hao has always adhered to the principle of service-oriented, has a sound quality management system and 24 (Jiangsu-Zhejiang) 48 (outside the province) rapid after-sales service, so that you can buy the rest assured, comfortable.
Our technology, management and service adhere to the advanced concept of Shanghai Shenyi Dynamic Balancing Machine Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Our spirit is passed down to the Chinese nation and always strives for development.
We adhere to the leading technology, regard quality as life, and based on honesty, provide advanced, excellent, practical and standardized products to our customers.
Our aim is —— people-oriented, honesty.
Our goal is —— where there is a balance, there is Shanghai Shenyi.