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Operating steps of balancing machine

Operating steps of balancing machine

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2018/11/27 14:26
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The operation steps of the dynamic balancing machine are as follows:
1. Cleaning work should be done before operation, especially in the journal, rollers, universal coupling and connection of the rotor. When installing the rotor, the impact between the rotor and the roller must be avoided. After installing the rotor, a little clean oil should be added to the journal and the roller. It is strictly forbidden to drive without connecting the rotor and the universal coupling.
2. Joints should be fitted with the dimensions of universal joint. Joints should be machined according to the specific conditions of the workpiece. Their shapes should be symmetrical, the weight should be lighter, the inner and outer circles of each gear should be concentric, the accuracy of the joint with the workpiece should be H6/h6, and the concave hole matching with the universal joint should also be H6/h6, and the same should be guaranteed. Heart, end face should be vertical to avoid affecting accuracy.
3. Adjust the distance between the two pendulums and tighten them to suit the distance between the bearings at both ends of the rotor. Refer to the scale on the roller rack according to the size of the rotor journal, adjust the height of the roller rack and tighten it.
4. Connect and tighten the workpiece with the universal coupling, and tighten the fixing screw of the travel adjustment of the universal coupling, so as to avoid the axial movement of the workpiece.
5. Rotation speed can be selected according to workpiece weight, initial unbalance and the driving power of the rotor. Rotor weight is less than 160 kg, high speed can be used; 160 kg or more can be used at low speed. If the initial unbalance of the rotor is too large to even affect the runout of the rotor on the supporting bearing, the static balance should be done first, and then the low-speed calibration should be carried out. Some rotors with small weight but large external diameter or with wind blades affecting the drag power also need low-speed calibration.
6. When the motor is connected to the power supply, the "start" button indicator light will be on, indicating that the machine has been energized. If the universal coupling has been connected with the rotor, the limit switch SA1 has been closed, and the speed change switch on the right side of the head has been set to the high or low speed gear. At this time, the motor can drive the rotor to rotate by pressing the "start" button. When parking, you can press the "stop" button, or directly press the brake handle on the right side of the car head, disconnect the limit switch SA2, cut off the power supply of the motor, automatically reset the handle after braking, and turn on the circuit for the next start (otherwise it can not start again).
7. Improvement of measurement sensitivity-corresponding to large diameter light rotors, in the balancing process of low-speed operation, the sensitivity obtained by conventional adjustment will not reach the possible high accuracy. At this time, it is better to replace the actual size of the radius with a fictitious value of one of the fractions of the true radius, and the multiple of the reduction of the radius is read. The number of times the value increases (for example, when the radius of the fictitious value is halved, the reading value should be doubled).
8. After doing all the preparatory work before starting, we can try to press the start button, stop the button, (point start slow speed) to check the axial movement of the workpiece, adjust the height of the left and right swing frame, so that the workpiece does not move axially, especially the larger workpiece. We should carefully adjust the axial force to the minimum so that the limit bracket can hold up.