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Axial flow fan special dynamic balancing machine

Axial flow fan special dynamic balancing machine

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2018/11/27 14:26
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  What is an axial fan? What is the role of axial fans? Why do axial fans do dynamic balancing machines? Perhaps most people have never seen them. In fact, axial fans are everywhere in our lives. They are widely used in chemical, metallurgical, textile, petroleum, factory, warehouse, and office. , residential, and other ventilation, can also be used in car coolers, evaporators, condensers and so on.
So what is an axial fan?
  The axial flow fan is the air flow in the same direction as the axis of the fan blade, such as an electric fan, and the fan of the air conditioner is an axial flow mode operation fan. It is called "axial flow" because the gas flows parallel to the fan shaft. Axial fans are typically used where flow requirements are high and pressure requirements are low. The axial fan is fixed in position and moves the air. The axial flow fan is mainly composed of a fan impeller and a casing, and has a simple structure but a very high data requirement.
Axial fan features
  The impeller design adopts aluminum alloy pressure casting, which is exquisite and beautiful in appearance and reliable in use. The aerodynamic design uses aeronautical technology, and the axial flow fan blades are airfoil type and forward-swept twisted blades with low noise and high efficiency.
Why do axial flow fans need to be balanced?
  Dynamic balance is a problem that must be considered before all rotating workpieces are shipped from the factory. Many manufacturers may save the cost of balancing the steps of the dynamic balance detection, but they do not know that they are joking about the quality of their products and their reputation and the safety of users, if the axial fan impeller is not balanced, itself There is a large amount of unbalance, and the fan emits very loud noise when it is working. Noise can affect people's mood at the most, but if there is no balance work, some safety accidents may occur when foreign matter is blown into the fan by the wind. Therefore, it is necessary to use an axial flow fan as a dynamic balancing machine.
  Shanghai Shenyi axial fan balancing machine, on the basis of the axial fan dynamic balancing machine, upgrades the system to ensure the safety of the balancing machine operators, so that the balance accuracy is higher and the data is more accurate; the newly upgraded electric measuring system can meet Customer's various requirements.