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Balancer structure

Balancer structure

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2018/11/27 14:27
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  The balancing machine consists of three parts: the main unit, the electric measuring box and the electric control box. The main machine is composed of a base, a left and right support frame, a transmission mechanism, a photoelectric head and the like.
  The working principle of the balancing machine: the centrifugal force generated by the existence of the unbalance amount when the workpiece rotates, the vibration is generated by the support frame, and the two sensors mounted on the left and right support frames respectively measure the vibration of each support frame, which is obtained by the photoelectric head. The reference signal of the same frequency of the workpiece is rotated, and these signals are input into the electric measuring box together, and after being processed and amplified by the electric measuring box, filtering, etc., the left and right digital tubes display the magnitude and phase of the unbalanced quantity on the left and right correction surfaces of the rotor.
  The balancing machine belongs to the hard bearing balancing machine. The rigidity of the pendulum is very large, and it can be simplified according to the static principle. By setting the basic parameters of the rotor, the plane separation and calibration can be realized, so that the display can be correctly displayed after one start operation. The magnitude and phase of the unbalanced amount.