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Dynamic balancing machine drag mode

Dynamic balancing machine drag mode

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2018/11/27 11:48
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1. Loop belt drive: It uses rubber ring belt to drive the rotor by the motor pulley. Therefore, the belt belt must have a smooth cylindrical surface on the rotor surface. The advantage of the belt belt drag is that it does not affect the rotor imbalance. The machine has high precision.
2. Coupling drive: It is the joint of the balance machine main shaft and the rotor by using the universal joint. The coupling of the coupling is suitable for the rotor with irregular appearance and can transmit a large torque. It is suitable for the rotor with large wind resistance such as the drag fan and the paper drum. The disadvantage of the coupling drag is the unevenness of the coupling itself. The measurement will have an effect on the rotor, so the coupling should be balanced before use, otherwise the accuracy of the disturbance will be introduced, and a large number of connections are needed to accommodate different types of rotors.
3. Self-driving: It is the rotation of the rotor itself. Self-driving is the drag method that has the least influence on the balance accuracy, and the balance accuracy can be the highest, but only the special rotor allowed by the structure can use this drag mode.