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Balance machine grows rapidly in the mechanical field

Balance machine grows rapidly in the mechanical field

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2018/11/27 11:48
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  The balancing machine is growing rapidly in the mechanical field and is a booster in all fields of machinery. With the rapid development of China's industry, the balancing machine has played a very important role in China's industrial field, accelerating the development of China's industry.
  According to the G3 comprehensive report: especially in the machinery industry, there are more and more rotating workpieces at high speeds, and the need for balance testing is increasing, and the quality awareness is becoming more and more intense. Therefore, the role of the balancing machine is becoming more and more obvious. Balance machine products are widely used in electric machines, fans, metallurgy, paper machinery, air conditioners, power tools, textile machinery, plate making machines, machinery manufacturing, aerospace, navigation, trains, automobiles and other fields. The workpieces suitable for balancing machine testing are: fan, motor, air conditioner, impeller, supercharger, crankshaft, drive shaft, brake disc, cross flow wind turbine, steam turbine, projectile, fan and so on. After the balance test, the effect is very obvious. The noise and vibration of the workpiece are greatly reduced, and the service life of the workpiece and the whole machine is prolonged. The rapid development of China's industry has also boosted the rapid growth of the balancing machine industry.